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Ayala Moriel Parfums
Omanya Shop this beautiful collection of perfumes created by master perfumer Ayala Moriel, who crafts beautiful and inspiring botanical perfumes that are world-renown for their artistry, story-telling, and integrity.
Omanya Create your own handmade leather piece on your own or through a leather-crafting workshop.
Jean-Pierre Weill Studios
Jean-Pierre Weill Studios Shop this stunning collection of beautiful 3D glass paintings from the Jean-Pierre Weill Studios. Each painting tells its own unique story through multiple levels of glass, creating a delightful sense of movement.
AV Design Studio
AV Design Studio Luxury home products made from recycled Corian. Shop this striking collection of products designed with the added value of environmental protection and proper use of natural resources that goes far beyond just a beautiful appearance.
Hedva Klein Products
Hedva Klein Hedva Klein collects old books whose pages are yellowing and turns them into artistic jewely, adding colored paper or wooden beads. She is part of the ART 192 Gallery, a collective of 10 women artists from the Galilee.
Symbolic Jewels
Symbolic Jewelry Drawing on his inspiration and passion for Israeli coins and their biblical meaning, artist and jeweler Meran Shavit of the Western Galilee creates unique, hand-made rings, pendants and more from historic coins.
Kalderon Art ‑ Design ‑ Glass
Kalderon Handmade glass at its finest. Shop this beautiful collection of plates and bowls from artisan glassmaker Danny Kalderon.
Edna Piorko Art 192 Gallery
Kalderon Stories are brought to life through clay art by Edna Piorko, whose sculpture is characterized by intense color, naïve motifs, and humor.
Tamarahindi - Pure Herbal Extracts
tamarahindi Tamarahindi Pure Herbal Extracts are made with 100% natural, active components and organic ingredients whenever possible. Established by Tamara Kuperstein in 1999, the products are produced in Klil, an established ecological village in the Western Galilee.
Zikit Theater
zikit theater A visual theater where the actors play with objects, puppets, and their body using almost no words. The members of the Theater Company form a human mosaic representative of the diverse population of the region’s Jews and Arabs. Fun for the whole family.
Lucy Bashan Browne Art
Lucy Bashan Browne Art Colorful handmade clay sculptures and dinnerware sets. Shop a collection of distinctive pieces from Lucy Bashan Browne.
GalilEAT Products
The Galilean Kitchen Cookbook GalilEAT, owned and run by Paul Nirens, offers Galilean home cooking workshops, winter wild green foraging in the fields, market tours, and culinary adventures in the Galilee, in cooperation with Jewish, Druze, and Arab neighbors.
Stern Winery
stern winery Stern Winery, a family owned, boutique winery in the Galilee, was founded in 2004 by Johnny Stern and is situation on one of the mountain peaks at Kibbutz Tuval, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Shop award-winning wines now.
Kishor Winery
kishor winery Kishor Vineyard is a unique vineyard located in the Galilee, owned and operated by people with special needs. The unique climate of the Galilee is ideal for long and slow ripening of grapes, which gives wine its color, aroma, and special taste. Shop now.
Aya Natural
aya natural Using organic olive oil from the Galilee, artisan Jamal Hamoud carefully creates natural cosmetics without unnatural chemicals. Shop these luscious, organic face creams, moisturizers and serums.
Omri Avidar Tours
Omri Avidar Tours Experience a tour of Israel and explore a rich variety of cultures and customs, history, religions and nature landscapes with licensed tour guide Omri Avidar.
Dor Pintel Tours
Choose from a variety of customizable tour packages to suit all your traveling needs in Israel with licensed tour guide Dor Pintel.


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